How do I install the Vysics plugins?



Installing the Vysics plugins are straight forward and easy. In a few short steps, users will have the power of Vysics in Photoshop. 


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What Are Vysics Plugins? 

The suite of Vysics plugins is a set of retouching tools available from PRO EDU. These incredible Photoshop plugins integrate into Adobe Photoshop to speed up the retouching workflow. Each plugin has a purpose and works independently or in concert with each other to bring amazing results to the user's image. For more information on Vysics plugins, read here: Where Are The Vysics Plugins For PRO Plan Members?


How Do I Install The Vysics Plugins?

To install the Vysics plugins, users must first download Anastasiy's Extension Manager. The extension manager can be found here Anastasiy's Extension Manager. Once on the download page, users will need to select their computer operating system, macOS or Windows. 


NOTE: Some users have reported that installing one Vysics Plugin uninstalls another plugin. We have found that using as your extension manager during installation will correct this issue. Anastasiy's Extension Manager works for the majority of systems, it is a rare occurrence, but conflicts with Anastasiy's Extension Manager have been reported.


Users can watch the Vysic plugin install video for Windows here:


Users can watch the Vysic plugin install video for Mac here:


Email with any questions. 



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