Where are the Vysics plugins for PRO Plan members?



The Vysics plugins are exceptional retouching tools available to PRO Plan members as part of their PRO Plan membership. Vysics plugins are available for download in the PRO Plan members area.


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What Are Vysics Plugins? 

The suite of Vysics plugins is a set of retouching tools available from PRO EDU. These incredible Photoshop plugins integrate into Adobe Photoshop to speed up retouching workflows. Each plugin has a purpose and works independently or in concert with each other to bring amazing results to the user's image.


Vysics ToneLab

The Vysics ToneLab plugin improves upon the processes taught in the PRO EDU Tutorial ADVANCED TEXTURE CLEANUP | FREQUENCY SEPARATION 2.0. It advances the process to increase its power and ease of use. ToneLab also gives users full control over the tones of images and provides complete control over textures, netting dodge, and burn level results in a fraction of the time. 


Vysics EdgeLab

The Vysics Edge Lab is the ultimate tool for portrait and product photographers obsessed with details and precision. Edge lab is an innovative approach to a new workflow that allows photographers to quickly isolate and manage edges to clean, refine, and composite into any environment they want.

Edge Lab is a game-changer with portraiture and hair that needs to be carefully managed, especially for portrait photographers. Have you ever photographed someone on a light/white background only to find out that dark background is needed? Ever wanted more control over how soft or hard the edges are in cutouts? Create beautiful portraits by isolating the subject from their surroundings in seconds without having any prior experience using Photoshop tools. 

This plugin will save hours of work in post-production so users can focus on creating amazing photos instead of editing them all day. Get rid of those distracting backgrounds once and for all – no matter what color or texture they are – because we know how important it is not just about getting great shots but also delivering them flawlessly.


Vysics GrainLab

Vysics GrainLab fixes the problem of adding grain to an image by adding accurate film grain that can be applied live on the canvas in Photoshop and updated as needed. It also has an intelligent dual-tone processing system that automatically creates realistic-looking grain for highlights and shadows! This plugin will help make workflows faster and more efficient so results are achieved sooner.

Grain Lab from Vysics, will allow users to be able to add realistic film grain to their photos with ease. The unique dual-tone smart processor makes it incredibly simple for beginners while still providing advanced users with the control they need to achieve their perfect result every time. And unlike other plugins, Grain Lab updates live on the canvas so you see exactly what it's doing at all times!


How Do The Vysics Plugins Work? 

Once installed the Vysics plugins seamlessly integrate within Photoshop and appear as panels within the Photoshop toolbar. Allowing users ease of access to the plugins' availability. Vysics plugins call upon the tools within photoshop and multiple them to give users power not previously available.  





Where Are The Vysics Plugins For PRO Plan Members?

Vysics Plugins are available within the PRO Plan member area. Direct access can be obtained here: https://learn.proedu.com/programs/vysics-photoshop-plugins?categoryId=115366&permalink=vysics-photoshop-retouching-panels-pro-edu. All PRO Plan members have access to the Vysics plugins as part of their membership.


How Do I Download The Vysics Plugins?




Email support@proedu.com with any questions. 


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