Why Has My Maxon License Stopped Functioning?



The Maxon educational license assigned for use during the CGI for Photographers Course has certain terms and conditions assigned.


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Why Is My Maxon License Not Working?

As part of the purchase agreement, there are terms for the educational license usage. Those terms state the user needs to progress in the course material, log into the course materials, and use the license for its intended purpose - learning the course materials.


The specific terms and conditions are listed below: 


The following additional terms shall apply to any Order Form for the educational license to access Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Redshift, Forger, Maxon One, or Cineversity content and/or use of www.proedu.io. Licensing is extended for the benefit of training within www.proedu.io. Failure to log into, register with, and continue using the courses provided within www.proedu.io will result in loss of license privileges for Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Redshift, Forger, Maxon One, or Cineversity content. Upon course completion, course completion is defined as having met course requirement standards or the expiration date of the course, the license is returned to PRO EDU and can be reassigned. Continued use is defined as logging into www.proedu.io courses and showing forward progress in course materials at least bi-weekly. Forward progress is defined as completing at least 20% of a lesson every two weeks. Anything less than that is considered inactivity. If an enrollee is inactive for two weeks, their license may be returned to PRO EDU for reassignment;  will need to be contacted to have the license reactivated.
Further periods of inactivity can result in the permanent loss of license and removal from the course, including removing access to www.proedu.io. A course enrollee can contact  for family emergencies and other personal activities that would require an absence from course progression. These periods of inactivity can be no longer than two months, and approval is at the discretion of PRO EDU Staff.


Can I Reactivate My License?

Users who believe that their license should still be active should contact support@proedu.com


Email support@proedu.com with any questions. 

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