What is a PRO EDU account?


There are several types of accounts that might exist in the PRO EDU company umbrella.  We break them down below!

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Types of PRO EDU Accounts

PRO EDU Learn Account:  

This account will allow access to the streaming platform or Pro Plan Member Area at learn.proedu.com as well as Purchased Tutorials/Assets. To stream videos or view purchased items, please log in HERE on Learn Platform.

PRO EDU Admin Account:  

The second account used on PRO EDU is for customer billing, payment plans, and administration of the account at PRO EDU. This is where users will update and manage payment methods and access receipts. 

NOTE: You May NOT have an account on PRO EDU, despite being a PRO PLAN member or having purchased in the past on PRO EDU. Users can checkout without establishing an account.

Why Establish An Admin Account

Establishing an account at PRO EDU allows users to view their purchase history as well as manage subscription accounts. Users have the ability to click on order numbers and view purchase information. 


Opening An Account

Account access can be reached from any page on the PRO EDU site by clicking on the circle with the person icon inside in the upper right-hand corner of the website, seen inside the yellow circle below.




  • Once the icon has been clicked on, users will find the Customer Login. To establish an account click on Sign up, shown circled in red in the example below.



  • On the following screen enter your personal information and click sign up. 



  • On the next screen use the reCAPTCHA process to confirm non-robotic status. Click submit.




  • Once submit is clicked, users will be directed to their email to confirm and activate the account status. 




  • Account Created: When an account is successfully created an email will be received at the email submitted. The account is now established. 




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