How do I update my credit card information for payment?



Updating credit card information is required when a card expires or is replaced by the card provider. Updating card information is easy and accomplished in a few steps.


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Updating your credit card information for your PRO EDU PRO Plan Subscriptions can be done quickly. To begin, navigate to



What Is A Shop Account?

The shop account is used on PRO EDU for customer billing, payment plans, and administration of the account at PRO EDU. This is where users will update and manage payment methods and access receipts. The PRO EDU Admin account can be found here: Learn more about the Shop account and how to create one here: What Is A PRO EDU Account & How To Create One?



NOTE: You May NOT have an account on PRO EDU, despite being a PRO PLAN member or having purchased in the past on PRO EDU. Users can checkout without establishing an account.



How Do I Access My Shop Account?

Users needing help accessing the member accounts can find information on how-to HERE.


How Do I Update My Payment Method?

Updating the payment methods for subscription services is accomplished by signing into your PRO Shop Account here:

  • Login into the account using the shop account user name and password
  • Navigate and click on the "Payment Methods" tab
  • Click on the "Click Here To Manage Your PRO Plan Membership" button at the top of the screen under " MY ACCOUNT"Screen_Shot_2022-04-22_at_11.50.28_AM.png
  • Navigate and click on the "Payment Methods" tab



  • Click on the payment method or click on the "Add new payment method" button to update the credit card information.
  • Insert the new payment method being used for all future and reoccurring payments. Remember that this card will be charged for future transactions unless a new payment method is on file. A valid form of payment MUST be entered into the required fields. Failure to input a valid payment method will result in the previously entered valid payment method being used for future charges. 


Email with any questions.




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