How To Update Credit Card For Payment


Updating Credit Card information is required when a card expires or is replaced by the card provider. Below is information on updating the credit card data in the PRO EDU system.


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Updating your credit card information for your PRO EDU PRO Plan Subscriptions can be done in a few easy steps. To begin, navigate to



1. Accessing Member Account

Users needing help accessing the member accounts can find information on how-to HERE.



2. Creating A Customer Account

If an account has not yet been established with PRO EDU and users wish to create one, information on how-to can be found HERE.



3. Manage Subscriptions

Once logged into the user account, navigate to the upper left-hand corner of the Account Details screen to the blue Manage Subscriptions script. Shown circled in red below.




4. Subscription Account

Once logged into the Manage Subscriptions area users can see what items they are subscribed to by clicking on My Products & Plans.





5. Update Payment Information

Navigate to Billing Information and click on Send email to update.




Check the email account for the associated email address and click on the link provided. This will open the payment information location for the payment method on file with PRO EDU. To change the billing information click on the blue "Change." 



Insert the new payment method being used for all future and reoccurring payments related to the payments. Keep in mind all future transactions will be charged to this card unless a new payment method is placed on file. A valid form of payment MUST be entered into the required fields. Failure to input a valid payment method will result in the previously entered valid payment method continuing to be used for future charges. 





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