What exactly is a "Certification" in the CGI for Photographer's course?




Certification for the CGI For Photographer's Course issued after the course has reach completion standards. The course completion standards are completion to at least 90% of the course materials and scoring an 80% or better on the test. 


What Does Certification Mean?

The term "certification" denotes that a student has completed at least 90% of the content in the six-week CGI For Photographer's Course at proedu.io and passed the Maxon Elementary Knowledge Test with a score of 80% or higher. 


How Do I Know How Much Of The Course I Have Completed?

There are several ways to track progress through the course website. As the user navigates through the course workspace the percentage complete is displayed at all times except when in video full-screen mode.

  • When logging into the course at www.proedu.io a white bar is displayed below the course titles you are enrolled in. The bar turns blue as content within the course is completed. 



  • By clicking on the blue "ENTER" button access to the course and course material is granted. Once inside the course, the percentage completed is viewable directly at the top of the screen under the Welcome banner. In the example below, you can see that 4% of the course has been completed.




  • While watching content videos inside of the course, the percentage completed is displayed at the top of the table of contents screen directly below the course title. In the example below, you can see that 4% of the course has been completed.




How Do I Complete 90% Of The Content?

Log into your course at www.proedu.io and enter the course material by clicking on the "ENTER" button below the course title. 

  • Once the course is entered, the table of contents of the materials can be found on the lefthand side of the screen. Course material that has been completed will have a check mark next to the content (circled RED in the example below) and content that needs to be completed will have a play symbol next to it (circled GREEN in the example below).




  • There are two ways to complete materials. If there is video content in the course content, watching the video to completion will bring up a pop-up screen announcing that the content has been completed and inviting participants to the next lesson. 



  • For titles that have video content or for written content, participants can click the "Complete Lesson" button on the screen to indicate they have completed and understand the materials on the screen. Screen_Shot_2021-09-10_at_10.42.10_AM.png


  • Completing materials in both of these fashions will advance the percentage of the course complete indicators mentioned above. 


What Are The Requirements For Completing The Course?

To achieve a 90% completion, students must watch the full tutorials and take any quizzes found at the end of each week in the chapters. Retroactively taking quizzes, videos, lectures, and question and answer sessions must be complete within one year from the date the course begins to achieve 90% completion. Likewise, receiving an 80% on the elementary test must be within one year of the course start date to achieve certification. 


Students can monitor their weekly progress during the course to understand what percentage they have finished. (How Do I Know How Much of the Course I have Completed?)


Note: while students have lifetime access to the tutorial videos on the Learn.proedu.com platform, that platform will not record their progress. It will not count towards the 90% or higher participation rate in the course. Each student must finish at least 90% of the content in the PROEDU.io platform to pass. 


90% completion does not measure a student's grade or score on testing. It only indicates that the student has completed at least 90% of the content.


Students that reach both the 90% completion rate AND score an 80% or higher on the Elementary Knowledge Test will receive a Certificate of Completion from PRO EDU. This two-step process shows that they meet or exceed the basic requirements needed in understanding Cinema 4D and CGI in general. 


What Are The Benefits Of The Certification?

Students that achieve a Certificate of Completion will receive discounts and priority in the higher-level certificate programs offered by PRO EDU and in partnership with Maxon.


To qualify for the PRO EDU CGI Guild, students must

  • Receive a certificate of completion from PRO EDU 
  • Pass a one-on-one interview with Master Trainer Dustin Valkema and 
  • Meet or Exceed the artistry and guidelines outlined in the PRO EDU Team overview of community support and leadership. 

Spots are not guaranteed and are subject to the approval and discretion of PRO EDU leadership. 


Additional Questions:

Q: How long do students have to reach the required 90% completion rate?

A: Students have up to one year from the start of the class or the date they activated their student license for Cinema 4D. The six-week course provides real-time feedback for students to participate and ask questions of the instructor. 


However, any student may take up to a year to complete the course materials and take the required entry-level examination to qualify for a certificate of completion from PRO EDU.


Email support@proedu.com with any questions. 


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