What eGPU is the most powerful for Octane X?



eGPUs are available for use on Mac Computers.


What eGPU Is The Most Powerful For OctaneX?

With the introduction of Octane X from Otoy, 3D rendering can return to the Mac ecosystem. Users looking to maximize their rendering capabilities to drop render times might want to consider an eGPU. 


When thinking about adding an eGPU to a Mac, explore things discovered during testing at PRO EDU Will An eGPU Work On My Mac?


Pick The Graphics Card.

Many internet forums claimed to hack the Mac OS to make use of NVIDIA graphics cards as a possibility. Beyond potential dangers to the operating system, PRO EDU testers did not find a single script that worked on Mojave, Catalina, or Big Sur OS.  

The AMD family of graphics cards is still the easiest choice for Mac users. The AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card is among the best options for using Octane X. 


Pick The eGPU Enclosure.

PRO EDU testers only used the Razer Core X. Install consisted of removing the enclosure from the packaging. Opening the graphics card housing.  Inserting the graphics card. Plugging in a Thunderbolt 3 from the eGPU to the computer and powering the unit.  


Thunderbolt 3.

In previous articles, PRO EDU explained not all Thunderbolt 3 cables are the same. Opt for the Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable for the highest data transfer speed. Less expensive cables have slower speeds which could impact performance. 


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