What eGPU do I need for CGI rendering?



eGPUs are an effective way to increase computer capabilities to get more power out of graphics cards.

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Pick A Render Engine

The first step in knowing which eGPU would be right for individual CGI rendering needs is to know which CGI render engine will be used. There are many different render engines available in the market space. They all have the same basic function, but some are faster and have different tools available. 


System Requirements

Once the render engine has been decided on, navigate to the software developer’s website and determine the minimum GPU requirements. 


Decide On The Graphics Card Budget

Graphics cards can get really expensive. The base of every eGPU is still the graphics card; it is the heart and soul of the eGPU. Buying more than one card is not necessary. It is possible to have more than one eGPU running into one system; it is not necessary or overly recommended. 


Pick An Enclosure

After deciding on the graphics card, look for an eGPU enclosure that will fit the card and has enough power to make the card function. Searching the manufacturer's site for the selected enclosure will reveal which cards each enclosure is compatible with. 

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