What is an eGPU and how does it work?



An eGPU is a graphics card housed outside the main computer in its own enclosure, eGPUs give the system more graphics processing power than the system has natively. 

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What Is An eGPU, And How Does It Work?

eGPU stands for external Graphics Processing Unit. Like the CPU, which is your system's brain, the GPU is the brain that helps run anything graphic intensive. 


The GPU is not your graphics card exactly, but your GPU does live on the graphics card like the CPU lives on the motherboard. 


As the name implies, the eGPU moves the graphics card and the GPU outside of the computer’s housing. This gives the user the ability to keep the slim profile popular among laptops and Apple computers and harness high-end graphic cards' power.


Using highspeed data transfer cables, the eGPU can operate as if built into the system.

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