A NBP plugin doesn't work, what should i do?



If after installing one of the NBP Plugins the plugin panels do not show properly there are two places to check to make sure the installation was performed correctly. 


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NBP Plugins 

Why Doesn't My NBP Plugins Show In Photoshop?

Verify the plugin is installed correctly. Under the Filter menu in Photoshop, verify that NBP can be seen at the bottom of the filter menu.


Note: these "filters" are the core processing aspect of the plugins, and should not be opened – this is to confirm that they exist under the Filters menu. The actual plugin panels should be launched via the menus inside Photoshop.




  • Go to Window and then to Extensions (legacy) submenu. Restart Photoshop after the installation process is completed. If NBP plugin(s) are not visible in these areas inside Photoshop, the installation(s) failed. 
  • Note: The Plugins are not compatible with the Apple Silicone (M1). In order to use the plugins on an M1 users will need to install and use the Rossetta 2 emulator. Users can find more information about Rosetta 2 here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211861



Email support@proedu.com with any questions. 

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