Where are all the videos in my tutorial?



The courses on learn.proedu.com are divided into chapters to keep the coursework organized for easy user reference. 

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What Is A PRO EDU Learn Account?

This account will allow access to the streaming platform or Pro Plan Member Area at learn.proedu.com as well as Purchases. To stream videos or view purchased items, please log in HERE to the Learn Platform. To learn more about the Learn account, please read here: What Is A PRO EDU Account & How To Create One?


Where Are All The Videos In My Tutorial?

When watching the tutorials on the PRO EDU streaming platform, a drop-down menu can be used to access all the content inside each tutorial. 

Login To learn.proedu.com

  • Once logged in at learn.proedu.com, click on "Browse." All purchased content will be displayed. 






  • Courses are displayed in carousel style, starting with Continue Watching, which contains content a user has already started watching. The carousels displayed are:
    • Contine Watching - shows a list of the most recent content began but not finished by the user.
    • Favorites - found in this grouping is any content tagged as a favorite by the user. Any collection can be added to the favorites section by clicking the heart in the "Add Collection To Favorites" section at the top of each video in a collection.
    • My Library - any content purchases seperately from a membership will be displayed here. 
    • All Course - contains all the videos found in the entire PRO EDU Library. 
    • Exclusive Series - This carousel contains interviews, series, and shortform content that is not part of a larger course. 
    • CGI + Maxon One Student Access - Here users will find content directly related to Computer Generated Imagry.
    • Post-Production Tools - located on this carousel are the photoshop tools and assets. These are purchased seperately and are not part of the PRO Plan.
    • Pocket Portfolio - These videos are tutorials on how to set-up and use Pocket Portfolio, PRO EDU's image forward website builder. 
    • Photoshop Plugins - Videos related to using the Vysics Plugins are located here. Users can download the Vysics Plugins here. 
    • Instructors - All the content is organized here by Instructor. 



Navigate To See All

  • On the far right top of each carousel is "See All." Clicking on See All will expand that carousel's content to display all content under that catagory. 



Email support@proedu.com with any questions. 


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