How do I install the NBP FreqSep Control plugin?



Installing the NBP FreqSep Control Plugin is fairly simple and straightforward. Following the steps below will give users the best experience. 


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NBP Plugin FreqSep CTRL

How Do I Install The FreqSep CTRL Plugin?

Installing the plugins is a fairly simple process. Once the plugins are downloaded, navigate to the computer's download folder/download location.


  • Inside the download section, look for the folder titled FreqSep Control. 



  • Select the Freqsep Control Installer for the operating system being used, FreqSep Control - macOS Installer.dmg for Apple Products, and FreqSep Control - Windows Installer.exe for Microsoft. 


  • Double-clicked on the appropriate file, and an action bar starts initiating. The following screen will appear (Apple): 


  • macOS may ask about installing something downloaded from the internet, click "Open". 
  • Next, the following pop-up appears, select "Run". 


  • The system will require your administrator password. Once entered, a "installed successfully" prompt will be given. 
  • At this point, the FreqSep Control panel is installed. Open the current version of Adobe Photoshop, and navigate to "Window" > "Extensions" > "NBP FreqSep Control". Clicking on this will open the FreSep Control panel under Photoshop panels on the right of the Photoshop workspace (default).


Email with any questions. 





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