Will The App Work For Non Subscribers For Individually Purchased Tutorials?


 Past purchases will be accessible to stream and download at https://learn.proedu.com/products

All tutorial purchasers will have access to the mobile app for free, the platform, and many new features of the new learning platform. We hope you love it.

To view purchases made, log in with the email address used in the past to make any purchase. Only the email address associated with the original purchase must be used.


Info About Your New Account

The email address used to purchase content at PROEDU.com has now been added to our new streaming platform with mobile apps at learn.proedu.com. This URL can be used to stream tutorials already purchased.

PLEASE NOTE: PRO EDU does NOT have any passwords, and there is NOT a password set up for the account to log in with. A new magic link feature is sent by entering the email address associated with past purchases.


Setting Up A New Account: Magic Link Login

1.) Go to: https://learn.proedu.com/login

2.) Enter the email address used for purchase on the first page under “Sign In.”

3.) When prompted for a password, select the “Email me a sign-in link” button located at the bottom of the page. After this option is selected, an email is generated automatically to sign a user in with a magic link. Follow the instructions in the email.

4.) Once the email is opened and the “sign in now” button is pressed, the web browser will open and automatically signing into the account. 

5.) In the top right corner is a green circle for account settings, or go to https:// learn.proedu.com/settings to view “Info” and “Past Purchases.”

6.) Once on the account settings page,  click on “info” and set up a new password. If the password is ever forgotten, click the magic link option also to log in.

7.) Once ready to stream or watch content, visit https://learn.proedu.com/ products to stream and download any past purchases.


How Can You Make A Future Purchase?

PROEDU.com can still be used to make any future purchases. 


Where Do I Get The App?

The platform comes with the option of FREE mobile apps that allow downloading content directly to mobile devices and viewing from the custom app. Download the Mobile Apps below:

Apple iOS Devices: https://apps.apple.com/lt/app/rgg-edu/id943409258

Android Devices: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.proedu




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