Where Can I Find The PRO EDU App?




There are two types of accounts users can create PRO EDU, a Shop Account and a Learn Account for streaming content. This article highlights the differences between them, how to start them, access them, and the differences between them.


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What Is A PRO EDU Learn Account?

This account will allow access to the streaming platform or Pro Plan Member Area at learn.proedu.com as well as Purchases. To stream videos or view purchased items, please log in HERE on Learn Platform. Users can read more about the Learn account and its features here: What Is A PRO EDU Account & How To Create One?


Where Can I Find The PRO EDU App? 

PRO EDU offers the ability to stream purchased content through several different applications giving users the ability to watch where most convenient and comfortable for them. Free PRO EDU Apps can be found available for all iOS and Android mobile devices from the app stores.


In addition to the mobile apps, there are applications for the Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Firestick devices that allow the user to watch PRO EDU content on their televisions.  


Content can be streamed via the web on PRO EDU's streaming platform HERE.

Users wishing to establish streaming accounts can learn more about it from What Is A PRO EDU Account & How To Create One?


Where Can I Find The Mobile Apps? 

 Download the Mobile Apps below:

Apple iOS Devices: https://apps.apple.com/lt/app/rgg-edu/id943409258

Android Devices: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.proedu


Are There Any Limitations To Streaming Content? 

Currently, only PRO Plan members can stream content via the Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Firestick devices. Individual or one-off purchases cannot be streamed on these devices. 

All users who purchase single-item products outside of the PRO Plan can use the mobile device to stream the purchased content. 


Note: Tutorials downloaded to mobile applications are only available for as long as a valid subscription is maintained.


Email support@proedu.com with any questions. 


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