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The PRO EDU App allows users to seamlessly transition from desktop streaming of tutorials to watching content on a mobile device. Video content being consumed online at learn.proedu.com can be picked back up on any mobile device with the application installed. 

Installing the application is quick and easy. It can be accomplished in just a few steps. 


Navigate To The App Store On Your Mobile Device:

On a mobile device, navigate to the Apple App Store. Open the app store and navigate to the search function. In the search bar, type in PRO EDU.




Tap the "Get" button. The Get button will be in place of the open button in the example above. Once a user clicks on "Get" follow the on-screen instructions for normal application installation. 


Navigating The PRO EDU App

The video below guides users through the process of installing and using the PRO EDU Application. Users with any further questions can search the PRO EDU Knowledge Base or email support@proedu.com.

You can watch the walk-through video by clicking the link below. 





Not yet a PRO EDU Plan member, sign up here: PRO EDU

If on an Android Phone, download the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.proedu

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