What is included in the founders package?



There are two types of Founder packages, each with different privileges associated with them. 


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What Is A Founder?

A Founder is a select group of individuals who took advantage of a special offering to join PRO EDU as lifetime members, with access to all the current and future courses from the PRO EDU Library. There have been two offerings of the Founder program, Founders and Founders 2.0.


What Is Included As A Founder?

Lifetime access to all the current and future courses offered by PRO EDU were included in the Founders' offering as well as 75% off all Master Collections, Plugins, and other post-production tools. 


What Is Included As A Founder 2.0?

Founder 2.0 purchasers receive lifetime access to all current and future courses from PRO EDU. In addition to lifetime access to courses Founder 2.0's receive lifetime access to Pocket Portfolio, lifetime access to Vysics plugins, the Creative Overlays Bundle, five credits to attend future PRO EDU synchronous courses, all the PRO EDU Master Collections, the Sky Library II, five 30 minutes sessions with Sef McCullough, five 30 minutes for website/portfolio development with PRO EDU, Composite Stock Assets, and a private Founder's only Slack channel. 


Email support@proedu.com with any questions. 

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