What's not included in my subscription?



The PRO EDU PRO Plan includes all the educational content from PRO EDU's library as well as access to Pocket Portfolio and the Vysic Plugins. There are some items not included, which are listed below.


What Is A PRO EDU PRO Plan?

The PRO EDU Pro Plan membership gives members unlimited access to all the PRO EDU educational courses for as long as the membership remains active. Users can find out more about the PRO Plan here: What Is A PRO EDU PRO Plan?


What Is Not Included In The PRO Plan?

Master Collections, Panels, Software, and Synchronous Courses are not included in a streaming PRO PLAN unless otherwise shown on the Master Collection's page. Items included in the PRO Plan display an "Only With PRO Plan" or "Free With PRO Plan" tag. 


What Are Master Collections?

Master Collections are PRO EDU post-processing tools users can purchase separately from the PRO Plan to enhance their images. Master Collections include overlays, textures, backdrops, sky libraries, and other images enhancing tools. 


Are Actions And Working Files Included?

All actions and working files included in each specific tutorial will be available with the tutorial to download. Anything used within the tutorial, minus the software, is included in the tutorial packaging. Master Collections are assets, tools, LUTS, actions, presets, textures, and overlays, that are sold separately.


Email support@proedu.com with any questions. 

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