How Do I Update My Streaming Password?



Members who need to update their password to their streaming service on can do so in a few easy steps. 


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What Is A PRO EDU Learn Account?

This account will allow access to the streaming platform or Pro Plan Member Area at as well as Purchases. To stream videos or view purchased items, please log in HERE on Learn Platform. Users can read more about the Learn account and its features here: What Is A PRO EDU Account & How To Create One?


How Do I Change My Learn Account Password?

Users wishing to update the password for their streaming account can click HERE. 

  • Once logged into the account users should see a box titled "New Password." Type the new password into the box and then re-enter the same password in the box titled "Re-enter Password." 



  • Once the new password has been entered and re-entered, type the old password on the last box and click Save to save all the changes. 


Email with any questions. 

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