Is It Possible To Watch Tutorials Offline or In An App?

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It is possible to watch tutorial content offline and away from an internet signal. To do this, users must have the PRO EDU Application installed on their mobile devices. 


Where Do I Get The App?

FREE mobile apps that allow the download of content directly to mobile devices can be downloaded at the links below. 

Apple iOS Devices:

Android Devices:


Select A Tutorial

From the home screen of the application select the tutorial from which the desired content is in. In this example, Luxe Portraiture With Jai Mayhew is selected. 



Once inside of the tutorials content listing, navigate to the breadcrumbs or three dots to the far right of the title and touch the three dots. A menu should appear with My List, Download, Share. Select Download. This process must be repeated for each video a user wishes to view offline. 




Library > Offline


Downloaded content can be found by navigating back to the home screen of the application, clicking Library at the bottom of the page. On the following page, there will be three options listed at the top of the page.


Navigate to Offline to find content downloaded to the mobile device. All items listed in the offline section are available for consuming with when no internet is available. 



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