How do I install presets in NBP ColourMapX?



Nino Batista developed several presets for use with the NBP ColourMapX, installing the presets is straightforward and easy. 

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How Do I Install A ColourMapX Preset?

Inside the downloads folder associated with the plugin, there will be a file labeled:

NBP CMX Essential Presets Volume 001.json

This is a preset that came with the purchase of NBP CMX. In order to load the preset, NBP CMX must be installed inside Adobe Photoshop and fully activated. You can find information on how to install the plugin by watching the installation video that came with the downloads. 


Installing the Preset

    • Open Adobe Photoshop and navigate to the NBP ColourMapX Panel. At the bottom of the panel, you will see a cog icon. Click on the icon.




    • Clicking on the cog icon will bring up this panel: 




    • Click on the Presets tab located at the top of the box.




    • Next, Click on Import File. Once you have clicked on Import File, navigate on the system to the downloads file. Once there click on the NBP CMX Essential Presets Volume 001.json file located in the first folder.
    • Click Okay, and the preset will install. 


Email with any questions. 

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