What Is Your Return, Cancellation & Exchange Policy?



PRO EDU offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on its products and services with some limitations. 


What Is Your Return, Cancellation, & Exchange Policy?

We are sorry if you are unhappy with your purchase.  Below is our policy for cancelation of PRO Plan membership, refunds/returns & exchanges.


PRO Plan Cancelation:

  1. PRO Plan - Monthly -

    This is NOT a monthly membership.  This purchase comes with a year contract that is agreed to when purchased at https://proedu.com.  This is essentially a financed yearly plan which is all that PRO EDU offers.  This plan cannot be canceled once agreed to and paid for.
  2. PRO Plan Paid In Full  -

    Once any of these plans from the 12 months to 24 months have been purchased, they can not be refunded or canceled.  If you purchased a plan and want to change the length, please reach out to support@proedu.com or start a ticket at https://support.proedu.com.
  3. If you have an older plan or something different was communicated to you, please reach out to us.


We do not currently provide refunds for tutorials or purchases from PROEDU.com for digital products.  This is simply because we can't get the digital asset back once it has been purchased and downloaded.  We have to pay the artist for these purchases, so instead, we do have a very robust exchange policy.  If you have a special circumstance, please reach out to us at support@proedu.com or start a support ticket at https://support.proedu.com.



 Our digital products may be exchanged 30 days from the date of purchase for another product of the same or lesser value.  Please email the order number and/or email used for the purchase and any request to exchange tutorials for any other tutorial equal to or lesser than the cost of the tutorial being exchanged. We can add this to the account at https://learn.proedu.com under Purchases.  An account will be created for your purchases from https://proedu.com at https://learn.proedu.com, but you might need to set it up with the email that the purchase was made.


We hope this helps and again, please reach out to us if you need any further assistance.


Email support@proedu.com with any questions. 


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