Can I Use Two Coupons Or Stack Coupon Codes?



PRO EDU offers several sales, codes, and coupon offers. Some restrictions apply.


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Can I Use Two Or More Coupons At Once? 

Users are allowed to use a single valid coupon at checkout. Discounts cannot stack and users cannot use multiple discount codes on a single purchase. Please also refer to the terms of the coupon and ensure that the purchase meets the conditions of the coupon.


Coupons cannot be used for the Unlimited PRO PLAN or any subscription service unless specifically listed on the coupon. 


How Do I Use The Coupons For Free Content?

If an offer for free content has been issued in a coupon both the items being purchased and the free content items must be in the cart at the time of checkout. When all the applicable items are in the cart and the coupon code is entered at checkout, the items being given for free will discount to $0 in the shopping cart. Price changes will show prior to the payment method being entered. If a price change is not reflected, please contact support. 


Email with any questions. 

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