How Can I Join The Secret Facebook Group?

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  • The Community Sounds Awesome, How Do I Get In? 


PRO EDU Community


The PRO EDU Community is a private group on Facebook open to only those who have purchased a PRO EDU tutorial, product, or course. 




More Than Just Sharing Your Work:

The PRO EDU Community is really about more than just sharing the great work being produced after learning from PRO EDU Content. PRO EDU is grooming the community to be a place of honest feedback where peer learning can take place and opportunities captured. The PRO EDU Community is often used to get clarification on new techniques from new tutorials or as a place to get best practices for other community members. 


Community Assignments:

PRO EDU Staff will use the community to post community assignments. Community assignments are opportunities to engage on a common project and see what other members envision from a creative brief. Prizes are given and camaraderie is built as the community has fun joining in these challenges.


The Community Sounds Awesome, How Do I Get In? 

Request access here: 

Please note that a valid order number from the receipt of purchase is required to gain access. The group is reserved for those who have purchased content from or the Unlimited PRO PLAN.


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