My tutorial download links haven't arrived



Course download links arrive typically within minutes . If looking to redownload previous purchases or if download files are missing from email, there are several solutions to solve these.


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Can I Redownload My Older Purchases?

Yes, every course purchased can now be recovered or re-accessed using the link below: PRO EDU Recovery Link.


I Can't Find My Download Links In My Email?

Typically download links are sent within the first 10 minutes after purchase, sometimes within 60 seconds. If email confirmation from PRO EDU has not been received ( first please ensure that the links did not get caught in a junk mail/spam folder. 


Email #1: Order Confirmation with your order # and confirmation that payment was received


Email #2: Receipt that contains the billing info, name, price, and also a 15-30% discount code for the next purchase, valid for 45 days after purchase.


If a confirmation email with the order number and/or the receipt is not received, check the junk mail/SPAM folder to see if the email communication was accidentally caught there.


It is possible the email was entered incorrectly at the time of the order. If an email confirmation is not received within 20 minutes, email with the full name and email address so we may the purchase can be verified, and the correction to the email address can be made.


I Paid With PayPal And Can't Find My Emails?

If you purchased with PayPal but didn't use the official PayPal email associated with the PayPal account, please check the PayPal email address for the download links to get the product. The product purchased must be sent to a PayPal email on file as a PayPal requirement.


Email with any questions. 

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  • hi My Name is Juan Castillo just order color grading profile and paid with apple pay but didn't input email and accidentally clicked off wed site so was not able to download or get link

  • I sent mail regarding my purchase that which i never get email for download link and your response says i will get reply in 24hours its 48hours now and still no response from your team

  • My concern about my order where my VISA credit card was charged for $387 (3 tutorials + 1 in promotion) but only got link to download one tutorial has been ignored for 3 days (72 hours) there is a promise of support contact within 24 hours. Please respond

    Please solve this issue ASAP since I am concern about this transaction.

    Alejandro Osma