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My tutorial links are expired
Written by PRO EDU Support
Updated over a week ago


Links to purchased courses do expire for security purposes after a set number of downloads or after a period of time. Links can be renewed or redownloaded by users.

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Can I Download Past Purchases?

Purchasers can access any purchases via download links from PRO EDU by visiting the download recovery link and entering the email address used to purchase that product.

The link would give access to all purchases if the confirmation email was lost or re-downloads of tutorials or products are required in the future.

Enter the email used at checkout (if PayPal were used, this would be the email associated with the PayPal account), and then check the corresponding email for the download links.

If the email does not come, please check the junk mail/spam folder and verify you are using the email address it was originally sent to.

My Links Are Expired, What Can I Do?

If issues downloading and/or the links have expired due to too many downloading tries, send a request to [email protected], and for a manual reset of the links.

Email [email protected] with any questions.

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