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I am having problems downloading
Written by PRO EDU Support
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Downloading issues are not common. If issues continue there are a few potential strategies to try.

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Why Are My Downloads Not Working?

While there is no way PRO EDU can know for sure what causes a download to fail, if a user is experiencing trouble with downloading that is pausing or stopping halfway through, or .zip files that cannot be opened, this is most likely attributed to connection with a servicing ISP.

.zip files might appear to have been downloaded, but often, the connection through a servicing ISP was weak, resulting in a loss of a portion of data—a simple reset to establish a new connection.

PRO EDU has found that these steps have fixed 95% of downloading issues associated with large files.

Internet SPEED does not always matter in association with downloading issues.

Possible Solutions Include:

    1. Go to or and run a test of the current connection. This will help ensure actual internet speeds. If the Internet speed is running excessively slow, this might add to the issues of downloading.

    2. Ensure that the download speeds recorded are the speeds at which the servicing ISP is providing. (this can oftentimes be much lower than agreed-upon Internet speeds advertised by servicing ISPs).

    3. Reset the modem and router and wait 10 seconds. Routers generally have a reset button. Using this function is generally advised before unplugging the system.

    4. The modem's connection should occur first and wait 60 seconds or until a solid green light or other visual indication that the internet connection is restored.

    5. If using a router, plug the router back in and wait for a solid green light or other visual indication that the internet connection is restored and the router is broadcasting a WiFi signal.

    6. Go back to and run another test, comparing the before and after speeds.

    7. Return to the unique download links received from PRO EDU and try the download again. (if experiencing a slower Internet connection, download no more than 1 link at a time.)

    8. A restart of the computer system and/or use of a different browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox may be required.

    9. Ensure that any VPN or download manager is turned off and that 3rd party software is not blocking the connection.

Can I Download Content From The Streaming Platform?

Yes. Additional access can be gained by logging and downloading videos individually, one at a time, through the streaming interface, or even through the PRO EDU App available on iOS and Android.

1.) Sign in with the purchasing email here:

2.) When asked for a password, select the "Email Me A Sign In Link" button.

3.) Open the associated email and look for an email from

4.) Press the magic link button to sign in.

5.) Go to the settings section found within the under account icon in the upper right corner of the screen and set up a new password: once logged in.

6.) All purchases can be seen in our products library here:

Email [email protected] with any questions.

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