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How are the files delivered?
Written by PRO EDU Support
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Purchases from PRO EDU are delivered via direct download links and streaming library services.

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Can I Download The Purchase To My Hard Drive?

Yes, downloading purchases directly to a hard drive is possible. Course or Master Collection are delivered as a digital download to customers in a .zip format after purchase. The files are delivered in MP4 format in 1080p HD. The files have been compressed to allow for faster download and are optimized for either Mac or PC.

iTunes, VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, and most other video players will play these files.

Check email for a confirmation email from [email protected] with details about receipt and download links after purchase.

NOTE: Depending on the email services used, this email could be found in the junk or spam folders of the email service. If emails aren't in the inbox after 30 minutes, please check these folders.


Do I Have To Download Purchases?

No. Users can stream PRO Plan services on all the PRO EDU applications. Users who made a single purchase can stream purchases on mobile applications and via the web only. Stream purchased content by signing in with the email address used to purchase at

What Is A PRO EDU Account & How To Create One? provides all the details needed to establish and log into the user's streaming account.

Email [email protected] with any questions.

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