Where do I find my receipt?
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Receipts/Invoices are emailed to users within minutes of making a purchase.

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What Is A PRO EDU Shop Account?

The Shop account used on PRO EDU is for customer billing, payment plans, and administration of the account at PRO EDU. This is where users will update and manage payment methods and access purchase history. The PRO EDU Admin account can be found here: https://proedu.com/tools/recurring/login/

For more information about the shop account, you can visit here: What Is A PRO EDU Account & How To Create One?

NOTE: You May NOT have an account on PRO EDU, despite being a PRO PLAN member or having purchased in the past on PRO EDU. Users can checkout without establishing an account.

Where Do I Find My Receipt?

Each order in the purchase history is displayed in a receipt format and can be printed from the purchase history screen.

Can I Get A PDF Receipt Emailed To Me?

A receipt can be emailed to a customer by submitting a support ticket at [email protected].

Email [email protected] with any questions.

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