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Can I use 2 coupon codes?
Written by PRO EDU Support
Updated over a week ago


PRO EDU often has promotional offers for users to take advantage of within certain rules and stipulations.

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Can I Use More Than One Offer/Code At A Time?

No. Only ONE coupon code is useable per checkout. Coupon codes cannot be stacked or use multiple discounts on a single purchase. Users are responsible for picking the best coupon for use.

Please keep in mind that some promotional offers will automatically insert a coupon code into the checkout screen. If the discount code box is not present or only displays "Gift Card Code" it is possible there is an offer in the cart already which has entered a code. Users can always reach out to [email protected] with questions about promotional offers.


Can I Use My Rewards Points With Another Offer?

No. Rewards points generate a coupon code that must be entered at checkout in order for the amount to be reduced. Because they generate a coupon code, the same conditions as above apply.

Email [email protected] with any questions.

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