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Can I use the RAW images in my portfolio or online?
Can I use the RAW images in my portfolio or online?
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The tutorial includes images and assets that can be used for practice.

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RAW Practice Files

Many of the tutorials from PRO EDU include RAW images, fully edited images, and other content. These files are designed for hands-on use and learning as a participant moves through the tutorial.

RAW Files From Tutorials

RAW images downloaded from tutorials cannot be used in any capacity outside of practice. PRO EDU does not release the distribution rights to these images, nor are they representative of any works other than the original artist. Please don't add any of these images to any portfolio or post on social media in any capacity outside of the private PRO EDU Facebook Community Group. Images can be posted in the private community to get feedback and show work to other members.

View Tutorials here:

RAW Or JPEG Files/Assets In Master Collections

Files assets found in these collections can be used in editing to add depth, and interest, replacing skies, replacing backgrounds, etc., on all original work.

The Master Collections cannot be resold or repackaged, or distributed in any way.

Email [email protected] with any questions.

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