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How can I talk with PRO EDU instructors?
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PRO EDU Instructors are all working professionals in their field who have busy schedules but there are ways to interact with them.

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  • What Is The Best Way To Get Feedback On My Progress?

  • Are There Other Ways To Connect?


What Is The Best Way To Get Feedback On My Progress?

Feedback is often given by peers and PRO EDU Instructors inside the PRO EDU Facebook Community Group online. For information on how to join the PRO EDU Community look here: How Can I Join The Secret Facebook Group?

The best way to receive feedback online is to ask in a post and ask others to focus on something specific in the image. When asking for feedback, the more specific the request or help needed, the better. Even when seeking feedback on what went really well, people receive far better returns when asking questions like, "I am looking for feedback on the color toning of this image." Limiting people to a certain topic tells them specifically what you need.

Are There Other Ways To Connect?

Access the PRO EDU Discord community to connect to other users and instructors. You can find the PRO EDU Discord server by following this link:

Email [email protected] with any questions.

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