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What versions of Lightroom and Camera RAW will the 3D LUTs work with?
What versions of Lightroom and Camera RAW will the 3D LUTs work with?
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The 3D LUTs are a powerful color processing tool that impacts images on the raw level, giving users the ability "retake" images by introducing colors that weren't available when the original image was captured.

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What Is A 3D LUT?

3D LUTs are similar to presets or color actions, except they are introduced as the first step in post-processing during the raw phase of image correction. 3D LUTs are inserted into the raw image in an adjustable format giving users the ability to infuse color prior to starting the normal post-processing workflow.

What Versions Of Lightroom And Camera RAW Will The 3D LUTs Work With?

The 3D LUTs from the PRO EDU Color Grading Profile pack will work with:

Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 or later

All Versions Of Lightroom CC

Adobe Camera RAW 10.5 or newer.

The LUTs are available for Capture One as a separate option for sale HERE.

Are The 3D LUTs .cube Files?

These 3D LUTs are not .cube files and will not work with programs other than Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw or if the user purchased the 3D LUTs for Capture One, then with Capture One. If the Capture One Version was not purchased then the 3D LUTs for Adobe will not work with Capture One.

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