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How do I update my credit card information for payment?
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Updating credit card information is required when a card expires or is replaced by the card provider. Updating card information is easy and accomplished in a few steps.

How Do I Update My Payment Method For The PRO PLAN?

The PRO EDU Admin Membership account can be found here and you will use your PRO PLAN account email address to log in with a magic password:

Your billing method at checkout is the billing method used to update your billing info.

  • Navigate and click on the "Payment Methods" tab

  • Click on the payment method or click on the "Add new payment method" button to update the credit card information.

  • Insert the new payment method being used for all future and reoccurring payments. Remember that this card will be charged for future transactions unless a new payment method is on file. A valid form of payment MUST be entered into the required fields. Failure to input a valid payment method will result in the previously entered valid payment method being used for future charges.

Email [email protected] with any questions.

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