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My Maxon license shows the wrong date or shows I am using my trial version
My Maxon license shows the wrong date or shows I am using my trial version
Written by PRO EDU Support
Updated over a week ago


If a Maxon educational license is showing a wrong expiration date there are a few methods users can try to correct the error.

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Do You Have More Than One License?

The most common reason a date is wrong on a Cinema 4D or Redshift License occurs because a trial version of the software or a previous paid version was being used. These trial or paid accounts prevent the user account from being fully integrated into the PRO EDU Organizational structure for license distribution. When the user boots up Cinema 4D the software looks for an active license from oldest to most recent, meaning any previously used, active occurrences of a license will be used for software access before the software seeks to find the more recent active license assigned by taking the CGI course.

To Fix The Issue:

Any previously issued licenses for the software must be expired prior to the course assigned license being activated fully. Nothing is needed to be done on the end of the consumer. When the first issued license reaches the end of its active lifespan, the PRO EDU license, already in place in the PRO EDU Maxon environment, will take over as the most recently active license. This will not extend the life of the PRO EDU license as active licenses are assigned by date but will allow the user continued usage of the software.

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