Can I pause my membership?
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Placing a pause or a temporary break from membership payments.

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Can I Pause My PRO Plan Membership?

Membership cannot be paused and restarted without cancelation. PRO EDU does not offer month-to-month, so there is no longer the ability to pause a membership. Memberships that are paid for monthly come with an annual commitment and cannot have months skipped or the membership paused.

How Can I Cancel My PRO Plan Membership?

Memberships are not available to be canceled via the customer dashboard or before the first 12 months of membership. Membership renewals for the following year can only be modified by sending a support ticket to [email protected] with your email and order number. When reaching out to support for cancelation.

Note: Canceled memberships could result in a higher price when the membership is renewed if pricing has changed since subscribing.

*If you need to cancel the renewal of a PRO PLAN membership after the first 12 months, please reach out to [email protected]. Memberships will automatically renew.

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