What are Watts?
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Watts are PRO EDU rewards users can exchange for money off of purchases.

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What Are Watts?

Users accumulate Watts as reward points for every purchase made from PROEDU.com. For every US dollar spent on purchases at PROEDU.com a user will earn 9 Watts. 100 Watts can be exchanged for $1 US dollar off any purchase at PROEDU.com.

How Do I Get Watts?

Users can earn Watts in several different ways. Watts are earned by:

How Do I Redeem Watts?

To redeem Watts, a user must have created and be logged into their Shop Account. Users can log into the Shop Account here: https://proedu.com/pages/sign-in

    • Once logged into the Shop Account, Navigate to the "PRO Rewards" button in the lower right corner of the screen.

  • Once inside the panel, navigate to "Ways to Redeem"

  • Using the slider tool, select how many Watts to use and click "Redeem"

  • Click Redeem. A custom coupon code will be generated for use on the next order.

Email [email protected] with any questions.

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